Why No Other Mouthwash Works Like Listerine

When it comes to your career, family, or relationships – you never settle for anything less than the best. When it comes to oral hygiene, you shouldn’t compromise either.

Important oral health goals such as strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath need to be addressed. Whether you’re excelling in your latest work presentation or spending time with your friends and family, oral health problems are the last thing you want to be worrying about.

Thankfully, there’s LISTERINE to help keep your oral health in check. Listerine cleans virtually 100% of germs left behind by brushing and gives you bad breath protection for up to 24 hours when used twice daily. It’s earned the PDA seal of approval, making it dentist-backed and research-proven to effectively deep-clean your whole mouth.

Four Essential Oils
What makes Listerine stand out from other cetylpyridinium chloride-containing mouthwash? Fact: no other branded mouthwash offers this unique, four- ingredient formula that penetrate to reduce plaque in depth and kills millions of germs on contact to help keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Listerine contains four essential oils: Eucalyptol, which acts as both an antibacterial and antifungal agent; Menthol, which is known for its germ-killing properties; Thymol, which is effective against bacteria; and Methyl Salicylate, which provides fresh-flavoring properties. This powerful formula is proven to fight against hard-to-reach plaque and germs that can cause bad breath.

Proven and tested
Research includes a comparative study between Listerine Antiseptic and other mouthwash proving Listerine’s superiority in providing greater benefit when it comes to reducing plaque. Dentistry Today calls Listerine “the most researched mouthwash on the market” with its four essential oils that kill biofilm and gum problems organisms, effectively cleaning your whole mouth and giving you fresh breath.

When it comes to oral care, don’t settle. Put your trust in a brand that’s proven to deliver the best results when it comes to oral hygiene, so you can spend more time focusing on living life to the fullest.


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