Angel’s Childhood

On October 3, 2012 in Navotas City, Philippines, Angel Gift Tubig, an infectiously happy child, was born with a cleft lip and palate. Because of this, she would get bullied by other kids, as they would often call her names. To cheer her up and give her that extra bit of confidence, her mother would make princess costumes for her, so that when people see her, they would see her as cute instead of pitiful. Whenever Angel would get a compliment she would wear the costume for as long as she can.

Beacon of Hope

Angel’s mother is a single mother of four and a contractual worker – applying to whatever job is available be it as a housekeeper, construction worker, welder and more. She does all she can for her children, but she simply could not afford the operation needed for Angel’s cleft lip and palate. She was graced with good news from her neighbor who saw an Operation Smile banner near an LRT station. With this, she was keen on getting her daughter that surgery and changing her life forever. However, Angel failed the first two screenings for the operation, as she was also very sickly. This was emotionally taxing for both her and her mother, but they didn’t give up. So on July 10, 2014, the day after Angel’s third screening which she finally passed, Angel was finally operated on.

Smiling and Determined

Five years after the surgery, Angel is now 7 years old, and is still currently being supported by Operation Smile with speech therapy, dental checkups, medicines and more. Angel is now determined to become a doctor, as inspired by the very Operation Smile surgeon that helped her. Her passion to learn drives her to find ways to attend school, financing her own snacks and meals by selling bibingka with her older sister. She has already received numerous academic awards. Angel serves as an inspiration to all as this little girl is one with a purpose – to join Operation Smile and be able to help other kids, like her, smile as well.

What is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical service organization, which has been helping children with cleft lip and palate since 1982. Listerine, Watsons and Operation Smile have all come together in order to give more smiles this 2019 to kids like Angel. Learn more about Operation Smile PH here:

Help Children Smile

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