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Gingivitis Causes

Some habits are widely known to lead to gum disease (such as not brushing, flossing and rinsing), but there are also surprising, less well-known causes of the bacterial infection in your mouth. Beef up your gum-disease smarts to stop gum disease in its tracks.

Tooth Truth

Think No Tooth Pain<br> Means No<br> Gum Problems? Think<br> Again.


The Most Common Cause Of Gum Disease (And 7 Potential Others)

Why Rinse

BRUSHING ONLY<br> CLEANS 25% OF<br> YOUR MOUTH* <p style="font-size:10px;color:#fff;font-weight:bolder;">*<br> 101756-causes-infection-tonsils/</p>

Tooth Truth

Biting Nails Harms Gums As Well As Hands

Tooth Truth

The Root Of Tooth Loss? Gum Disease. It’s The #1 Cause.


5 Not-So-Innocent Habits That Harm Your Mouth


Biofilm Is A Sticky Situation. Watch How The LISTERINE® Lab Fights It.

<h2>Choose Your Solutions for Gum Disease:</h2> <p>All LISTERINE® mouthwashes kill bad-breath germs and freshen breath to get your whole mouth clean. </p>