How To Protect Teeth From Decay?

The good news is that cavities (the holes that can form when decay breaks down enamel over a long period of time) are preventable. Follow these tips to avoid cavities, and the pricey, uncomfortable dental fixes they require.

TIP #1: See Your Dentist

Don’t be a stranger at the dental office if you want to avoid cavities. Getting routine cleanings at least once every six months can help prevent decay early on, before it progresses to become cavities, and if needed, your dentist can apply fluoride to any trouble spots to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

TIP #2: Brush with Fluoride

Select a toothpaste with fluoride as an ingredient as this is known to protect teeth from tooth decay and cavities. If you are concerned about the enamel of your teeth, brush more than the recommended twice daily and start brushing after every meal, to remove sugar and starches that turn into corrosive acid and add an extra layer of protection from tooth decay and cavities .

TIP #3: Rinse with Fluoride

You can also find rinses, such as LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, that contain tooth-protecting fluoride to keep your teeth strong and fight off cavities .

TIP #4: Limit Snacking

Try to snack only a limited number of times a day, and when you do, aim to include foods that fortify and are good for the teeth. Whenever you eat food or drink liquid other than water, this allows bacteria to create acid that wears away tooth enamel. Limit the amount of acid that breaks down your teeth by limiting snack time to a few times a day. If you are concerned about the health of your gums, try to brush and rinse with LISTERINE® Anticavity mouthwashes twice daily. When these tools are not available, try to at least rinse your mouth out with water .